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Presenting a jam packed day of industry leading speakers and mentors who will share their insights on the latest trends and opportunities in the fitness industry today. Every gym operator, personal trainer, sports coach, injury prevention specialist can use their time at The Fitness & Wellness Summit to discover new products, trends and techniques to allow their business to evolve and grow.

Charlie Horton

Marketing Director at Fitness Marketing Agency

Charlie began working with Fitness Marketing Agency in 2015 after meeting the Founder Ben Davis. Fitness Marketing Agency supports over 300 clients, from Independent Gym Owners and Corporate Gyms to Personal Trainers and Online Coaches. FMA provides such businesses with marketing tools and resources to aid in lead generation, conversion, sales and ultimately, growth.

Jamie Goonery

Owner & Trainer of Insanity Fitness Pollyhops

Jamie opened up Insanity Fitness Pollyhops aged just 19. His background in fitness came from football, having been capped for Ireland’s U18s. Jamie got into the gym-side of the industry after a serious injury as captain of Shamrock Rovers U19s. While playing for Shamrock Rovers, Jamie was participating in an FAI Course where he qualified as a Fitness Instructor. He then went to study Personal Training with Image Fitness. It’s with Image fitness where he excelled and got his qualifications of becoming a Personal trainer. He also qualified to teach Spin, Suspension training, Circuit training, Boxercise, Plyometrics & Kettlebells. Jamie prides himself in his strength to motivate others to better themselves. His work ethic is second to none, evident by moving into his 4th year with Insanity Fitness Pollyhops, aged just 22. In 2017, Jamie signed with Fulfil Nutrition as one of their leading ambassadors in Ireland.

Shane Rice

GAA Coach & Founder of Periodization

Shane is a GAA coach and business owner of GAA Periodization which specializes in the strength and conditioning of GAA players online right across the world. Shane has been working with athletes since he started in Toronto, Canada in 2017 and is currently the coach/S&C with Parnells GAA, Dublin. Shane has worked with both inter county and club players across the globe both on the field and off the field.

Patrick McKeown

Breathing & Sleep Expert

Patrick McKeown is one of the world’s leading experts on breathing and sleep. Over the last 20 years, he has coached thousands of people to breathe better, to improve their health, mental focus, and sports performance. He has authored bestselling books including Close Your Mouth, The Oxygen Advantage, The Breathing Cure, and Atomic Focus and his research is published in journals including the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Patrick is founder of Buteyko Clinic International, the largest Buteyko Breathing Clinic in the world. In 2014, he created his own science-backed breathwork training program, Oxygen Advantage®, which continues to develop in line with his clinical experience as a breathing coach, and with the latest scientific research. He has trained thousands of breathing instructors in both methods.  A regular guest at speaker events, and on popular health and fitness podcasts, Patrick has been featured by TedX, and by online publications including USA Today, MindBodyGreen and Men’s Health.

Kylie O’Donoghue

Co-founder of FemFuelz

Kylie O’Donoghue is co-founder of FemFuelz, a leading female supplement company based in Ireland. FemFuelz was established to fuel, inform and empower females within their day to day life. Fitness and health is an integral part of Kylie’s life and she aims to embody this as she grows the FemFuelz brand on both a national and international scale.

David Roche

Injury Rehabilitation Specialist & Mentor

David is a multi award winning therapist working with elite level athletes from around the world that make the trip to Ireland for treatment and injury rehabilitation programs. David is the lead for the Irish U16 men’s team that sees him travel with the squad around the world at elite level tournaments. David’s specialist area is in injury rehabilitation where he is trusted by high end athletes of all sporting backgrounds.

Orla Hopkins

CoFounder of New Dimensions Active

CoFounder of New Dimensions Active, fitness trainer & coach specialising in gymnastics & dance. Mum to Noa & Hunter, wife to Tommy.

Orla’s mission is to motivate who she can by encouraging them to GetUp & Move. She loves to share her daily workouts, food tips and an insight to her crazy life as a fitness loving, working mum in the hope that others see how important it is to take time for themselves.

Rebeccah O Rourke

Founder of TEAMROR

Rebeccah O Rourke is the proud founder of TEAMROR, an online platform coaching thousands of women daily. Having over 8 years experience in the fitness industry she aims to build strength and self confidence in all her clients while growing a brand that empowers every woman no matter what they’re aiming to achieve.

Michelle Carroll

Online Nutrition Coach & Body Image Researcher

Michelle is an online nutrition coach and body image researcher. She also has over six years clinical experience as a radiographer in Ireland. Michelle holds an MSc in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from Atlantic Technological University, a BSc in Radiography (University College Dublin) and an EQF Level 4 Personal Training Certificate. Her work has been presented at several international conferences and she currently has two studies undergoing peer-review for publication. Her primary research interest lies in disordered eating and improving body image amongst fitness professionals, which she hopes to further research this as part of her PhD, which will commence in September 2023.

Rory McInerney

Founder of Fitter Faster Stronger

Rory graduated from UCD with a degree in Health and Performance Science in 2011. Having worked as a strength and conditioning coach in Ireland and abroad, he embarked on a new journey in 2013 when he founded Fitter Faster Stronger (FFS) Gym with his college class mate Ciaran Ruddock. Rory has amassed 10,000+ hours in S&C coaching as well as personal training. He regularly delivers corporate talks to companies of all sizes from blue chips to SMEs across Ireland and internationally. As FFS has evolved, so too has Rory’s role within the business. He now primarily focuses on the development of the business and its people. Rory however is reluctant to ever give up coaching as it is still his primary passion. Rory takes classes at FFS and works with a small group pf PT clients who he has trained over the past 3-5 years.

Vicky Shilling

Business Mentor

Vicky Shilling is a Wellness Entrepreneur Coach, helping you start and grow a wellness business. Her clients include Nutritionists, Yoga teachers, personal trainers, athletic therapists, health coaches and anyone looking to create a career from their passion for wellness. Based in Dublin she works with clients through one-to-one coaching, online masterclasses and a thriving membership of health-based business owners. is The Wellness Entrepreneur Coach, helping you start and grow a wellness business. Her clients include Nutritionists, Yoga teachers, personal trainers, athletic therapists, health coaches and anyone looking to create a career from their passion for wellness. Based in Dublin she works with clients through one-to-one coaching, online masterclasses and a thriving membership of health-based business owners.

James Greene

Athletic Therapist & Youth S&C Coach

James completed his undergraduate degree in Athletic Therapy and Training at
DCU, and his Masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Trinity College
Dublin. James has always been passionate about helping individuals improve their
health, performance, and quality of life through an integrated approach of
injury management, lifestyle improvement and patient empowerment.
Currently, James is working as a Lecturing Assistant in DCU on the Athletic
Therapy and Training course, while concurrently seeing patients and working
as a strength and conditioning coach to populations of all ages out of FIREFIT
and online at The Health and Performance Academy

Hannah Thornton

Founder Next Generation Health

Hannah is a performance nutritionist working at Next Generation Health. Hannah works with a range of different clients everyday from high power CEO’s, Inter-county GAA star’s, professional athletes and young aspiring athlete’s. Hannah is also an International basketball athlete currently representing Ireland on the Senior Women’s national team- and has represented her country since she was 16. She is also the captain of DCU Mercy super league team.

Helen Keeble

Co-Founder Umi Health

Helen Keeble is a clinical specialist pelvic health physiotherapist and has been loving working in pelvic health since 2008. She is also an international tutor and presenter in pelvic health, and a qualified CrossFit coach. In recent years Helen has also researched and developed her own sell-out courses and webinars focusing on the functional female pelvic floor that are open to all health and fitness professionals, and cover topics including; high impact and weight lifting, functional assessment, menopause and much more! Helen loves helping to empower those with pelvic floor problems to resolve this barrier to exercise and to future proof those without problems so they can rely on their pelvic floor for years to come!

Amy O’Sullivan

Digital Marketer & Social Media Expert

Amy O’Sullivan, a mentor with Network Ireland, launched AOS Consulting after several years of working in sales and marketing roles with various brands. Amy specialises in elevating brands to reach their next level of business potential and is driven to help as many businesses as she can to achieve success online. Amy regularly hosts social media workshops to help business owners and marketing teams better understand how they can harness the power of social media.

Seánie Smyth

Mind Yourself 365

Mind yourself 365 is a message Seánie is spreading to promote people to do something everyday that will benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually. Combining his areas of study in yoga, health science and nutrition along with his own life experience he has learned that there is more to our health than just how we look.

Patricia McGowan

Founder of REAL People

Patricia McGowan is a nutritionist, personal trainer and the founder of REAL People, a business that specialises in creating REAL “Realistic Eating And Living” lifestyles for clients. Having always loved food and exercise, she gained a BSc in Sports & Exercise Management in UCD and later went on to gain the following qualifications; Certified Nutritionist with Mac Nutrition Uni (MNU), PT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) & level 4 PT with the Athletic Performance Education Company (APEC) & Pre + Post Natal PT with the National Training Centre (NTC). Patricia has extensive industry experience with some of Ireland’s leading health clubs & top performance specialists. Patricia works with clients 1-1, through her online coaching at REAL People and she delivers regular corporate wellbeing programmes focused on promoting healthy lifestyles & fuelling performance. Patricia believes in balance and works with clients to live healthy lifestyles that can be enjoyed and sustained long term.

Jean Lynch

Mindset Coach & Psychotherapist

Jean Lynch is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist. With over 14 years of therapeutic experience, Jean has developed a strong specialisation in grief, trauma, and anxiety. She has a proven track record of helping clients overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Recently, she has shifted her focus to working with individuals, businesses and communities who are looking to improve their physical and mental well-being to create a better quality of life and professional ability. This has become a passion for Jean, as she guides and empowers her clients to break through mental barriers and unlock their full potential. Jean’s approach to therapy involves building self-awareness, while also providing practical, step-by-step techniques to improve the quality of life. By addressing mental health as an integral part of the physical journey, Jean helps her clients create long-lasting change for a healthier and happier life.