Fitness & Wellness Summit Speakers

We are getting ready for our next Fitness & Wellness Summit in 2024.

Presenting a jam packed day of industry leading speakers and mentors who will share their insights on the latest trends and opportunities in the fitness industry today. Every gym operator, personal trainer, sports coach, injury prevention specialist can use their time at The Fitness & Wellness Summit to discover new products, trends and techniques to allow their business to evolve and grow.

Previous Fitness & Wellness Summit Speakers

Patrick McKeown

Breathing & Sleep Expert

One of the world’s leading experts on breathing and sleep and author of the bestselling ‘The Oxygen Advantage’, and ‘Atomic Focus’. Founder of Buteyko Clinic International, the largest Buteyko Breathing Clinic in the world. Creator of the science-backed breathwork training program, Oxygen Advantage®. Patrick has been featured by TedX, and by online publications including USA Today, MindBodyGreen and Men’s Health.

Sarah Greenidge

Founder, WellSpoken Mark and Register of Health and Wellness Influencers (ROWHI)

Communications director and health literacy advocate, Sarah started her career in healthcare regulation and communications and now works with wellness brands and influencers on credible communications strategy to maximise engagement and develop impactful content.

Nikki Bradley

Adaptive Adventurer & Motivational Speaker

Adaptive adventurer and founder of ‘Fighting Fit For Ewing’s’, Nikki was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma at aged 16 and survived the rare and often deadly form of bone cancer and had a Rotationplasty, a complex procedure where they amputate the leg. Nikki became the first crutch user to climb four Irish mountains on crutches in under 36 hours. Nikki is one of Ireland’s leading adaptive adventurers and motivational speakers.

Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D

Director of Yoga Research for the Yoga Alliance and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

His research has evaluated yoga for insomnia, chronic stress, and anxiety-related disorders. He is chief editor of the medical textbook The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy.

Carl McCartney

Customer Experience Director for Les Mills UK

Carl has held a number of key roles within both the global and UK Les Mills, including working in both the German and Nordics markets and also working centrally as Global Performance Development Manager. This breadth of industry experience has allowed Carl to build unparalleled expertise in the Group Fitness space. He is dedicated to helping partners build healthier businesses, working with them to achieve their business goals and supporting member retention and recruitment challenges.

Michelle Hone

Founder of The Fit Clinic

Michelle Hone is the founder of The Fit Clinic, a team of nutritionists and nutritional therapists who provide online nutrition coaching. The Fit Clinic specialises in female health and has worked with thousands of women, empowering them to understand their bodies, so they attain optimal health.

Dr. Ruairi Robertson

Gut Microbiome Scientist

With over 5 million views of his TEDx Talk “Food For Thought: How your belly controls your brain”, Dr. Ruairi Robertson is a scientist studying the human gut microbiome and how microbes influence the human body. His research is examining the amazing interactions between microbes and human health and disease from belly to brain.

Helen Keeble

Co-Founder Umi Health

International tutor and presenter in pelvic health, and a qualified CrossFit coach. In recent years Helen has also researched and developed her own sell-out courses and webinars focusing on the functional female pelvic floor that are open to all health and fitness professionals, and cover topics including; high impact and weight lifting, functional assessment, and menopause.

Charlie Horton

Marketing Director at Fitness Marketing Agency

Charlie began working with Fitness Marketing Agency in 2015 after meeting the Founder Ben Davis. Fitness Marketing Agency supports over 300 clients, from Independent Gym Owners and Corporate Gyms to Personal Trainers and Online Coaches. FMA provides such businesses with marketing tools and resources to aid in lead generation, conversion, sales and ultimately, growth.

Adele Johnston

The Menopause Coach

Leading and nominated award winning global Menopause Coach, positive psychology coach and breathwork facilitator supporting women worldwide to reclaim who they are without menopause taking over. Founder and lead educator with the Menopause Support Coach Certification advancing workplace and coaching knowledge and care in the menopause space. Adele has been featured in Womens Health, Hello! and Readers Digest.

Jamie Goonery

Owner & Trainer of Insanity Fitness Pollyhops

Jamie opened up Insanity Fitness Pollyhops aged just 19. Jamie got into the fitness of the industry after a serious injury as captain of Shamrock Rovers U19s. While playing for Shamrock Rovers, Jamie was participating in an FAI Course where he qualified as a Fitness Instructor. Over the last 8 years of coaching, Jamie has successfully built building both commercial and personal brands within Ireland’s fitness industry.

Dr Philip Crowley

National Director for Strategy and Research in the HSE

Dr Philip Crowley is the National Director for Strategy and Research in the Health Services Executive (The national organisation that delivers public health services in Ireland). In his previous national health service roles over the last 10 years he was national lead for quality and patient safety and national lead for quality improvement. He leads on strategic planning, research, population health and wellbeing, global health, human rights and performance reporting to the HSE Board.

David Roche

Injury Rehabilitation Specialist & Mentor

David is a multi award winning therapist working with elite level athletes from around the world that make the trip to Ireland for treatment and injury rehabilitation programs. David is the lead for the Irish U16 men’s team that sees him travel with the squad around the world at elite level tournaments. David’s specialist area is in injury rehabilitation where he is trusted by high end athletes of all sporting backgrounds.

Orla Hopkins

CoFounder of New Dimensions Active

CoFounder of New Dimensions Active, fitness trainer & coach specialising in gymnastics & dance. Mum to Noa & Hunter, wife to Tommy.

Orla’s mission is to motivate who she can by encouraging them to GetUp & Move. She loves to share her daily workouts, food tips and an insight to her crazy life as a fitness loving, working mum in the hope that others see how important it is to take time for themselves.

Kylie O’Donoghue

Co-founder of FemFuelz

Kylie O’Donoghue is co-founder of FemFuelz, a leading female supplement company based in Ireland. FemFuelz was established to fuel, inform and empower females within their day to day life. Fitness and health is an integral part of Kylie’s life and she aims to embody this as she grows the FemFuelz brand on both a national and international scale.

Shane Rice

GAA Coach & Founder of Periodization

Shane is a GAA coach and business owner of GAA Periodization which specializes in the strength and conditioning of GAA players online right across the world. Shane has been working with athletes since he started in Toronto, Canada in 2017 and is currently the coach/S&C with Parnells GAA, Dublin. Shane has worked with both inter county and club players across the globe both on the field and off the field.

Karl Henry

Radio & TV Broadcaster, Columnist and Author

Ireland’s most recognised and leading Personal Trainer. He is well known for his role as the leading Fitness Expert on RTÉ One’s Operation Transformation. In 2018, Karl released his fifth book called ‘Karl Henry’s Healthy Living Handbook’. His podcast series entitled ‘The Real Health Podcast with Karl Henry’ has seen a variety of guests including An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, U2’s Adam Clayton and Radio and TV Broadcaster, Doireann Garrihy.

Dr. Emilia Thompson

Nutrition Consultant and Educator

Playing a leading role in Exercise Professional Education, Emilia is a director and co-writer of EIQ Nutrition, an online evidence-based compassionate nutrition course. She has co-written and delivered multiple nutrition courses for Level 3 Personal Trainers and continues to speak at nationwide fitness and health events and on educational podcasts as one of the leading evidence-based Nutritionists in the UK. Emilia has contributed to commercially available magazines, such as Women’s Health UK, Stylist, Insider and Health and Wellbeing Magazine, and has authored peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Michelle Carroll

Online Nutrition Coach & Body Image Researcher

Michelle’s work has been presented at several international conferences and she currently has two studies undergoing peer-review for publication. Her primary research interest lies in disordered eating and improving body image among fitness professionals, which she hopes to further research this as part of her PhD, which will commence in September 2023.

Rebeccah O Rourke

Founder of TEAMROR

Rebeccah O Rourke is the proud founder of TEAMROR, an online platform coaching thousands of women daily. Having over 8 years experience in the fitness industry she aims to build strength and self confidence in all her clients while growing a brand that empowers every woman no matter what they’re aiming to achieve.

Rory McInerney

Founder of Fitter Faster Stronger

Founded Fitter Faster Stronger (FFS) Gym with Ciaran Ruddock. Rory has amassed 10,000+ hours in S&C coaching as well as personal training. He regularly delivers corporate talks to companies of all sizes from blue chips to SMEs across Ireland and internationally.

Sinead Beasley

Kickboxing Champ & Personal Trainer

Sinead is a Dublin-based personal trainer and fitness coach that specialises in body transformations. She focuses on their needs, posture, core strength, mobility, and correct form. Martial Arts expert: 2nd Degree Black Belt. She is a former Irish Kickboxing athlete:

4 x World Champion,
European Champion,
3 x World Cup Champion,
2 x Irish Open Champion,
The Golden Gloves Champion,
Multiple National Wins.

John Sharkey

World Renowned Clinical Anatomist

World renowned Clinical Anatomist with over 35 years experience. His areas of expertise include Exercise Physiology, Medical Exercise, movement and is recognised as one of the worlds leading authorities on fascia and Biotensegrity. John is a member of the British Association of Clinical Anatomists (BACA), a full member of the Anatomical Society (AS), an accredited Exercise Physiologist (BASES) and a founding member of the Biotensegrity Interest Group (B.I.G).

Kilian Fisher

Director of International Public Affairs at IHRSA

Kilian Fisher is Director of International Public Affairs, IHRSA, The Global Health & Fitness Association and Lead – Global Health & Fitness Alliance, Standards, Inclusive Health, Fitness, Sports, Physical Activity, Aquatics; Director Spa Life International; Non Executive Director (NED) on Charity Boards. Former CEO of ILAM the industry body for Sports, Fitness, Aquatic Facilities, Spas, Wellness.

Hannah Thornton

Founder Next Generation Health

Hannah is a performance nutritionist working at Next Generation Health. Hannah works with a range of different clients everyday from high power CEO’s, Inter-county GAA star’s, professional athletes and young aspiring athlete’s. Hannah is also an International basketball athlete currently representing Ireland on the Senior Women’s national team- and has represented her country since she was 16. She is also the captain of DCU Mercy super league team.

Seánie Smyth

Mind Yourself 365

Mind yourself 365 is a message Seánie is spreading to promote people to do something everyday that will benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually. Combining his areas of study in yoga, health science and nutrition along with his own life experience he has learned that there is more to our health than just how we look.

James Greene

Athletic Therapist & Youth S&C Coach

Lecturing Assistant in DCU on the Athletic Therapy and Training course. James completed his undergraduate degree in Athletic Therapy and Training at DCU, and his Masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Trinity College Dublin.

Richie Kirwan

PhD Researcher and Nutritionist

Richie Kirwan’s research focuses on how to increase muscle size and quality in older adults using higher-protein Mediterranean-style diets, in order to help improve metabolic health and reduce their risk of conditions like heart disease and diabetes. He also uses evidence-based nutrition approaches to help clients with weight-loss and health goals as well as working on performance goals with cyclists, weight-lifters and Crossfit and GAA athletes.

Nathalie Lennon

Athletic Therapist & Youth S&C Coach

Personal trainer and qualified nutritional coach, Nathalie is an inspiring health and fitness enthusiast passionate about spreading an authentic message based on positive body image, a healthy sustainable lifestyle, and establishing optimal mental wellness.

Alan Flanagan

Founder of Alinea Nutrition

Alan is currently pursuing his PhD in nutrition at the University of Surrey, having completed a Masters degree in nutrition science at the same institution. Alan is the founder of Alinea Nutrition, an online education hub dedicated to providing impartial, science-based nutrition analysis. Alan is also Research Communication Officer for Sigma Nutrition, focusing on creating educational resources translating nutrition science.