Alan Leach is a renowned international sales trainer, speaker and presenter on fitness club sales and marketing.

In 2017 Leach was voted onto the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association) Board of Directors (Head office Boston) .

In 2021 he was appointed as new Chairperson of IHRSA. He is only the second ever non-US chairperson in IHRSA’s 45-year history.

A 35-year sales and marketing veteran of the fitness industry, he is currently CEO and Director of Sales and Marketing at West Wood Club, with over 35,000 members at 6 clubs.

In 2006, Leach was recruited by West Wood Clubs in Ireland as sales and marketing director. Within 24 months, he increased new membership sales by 62%, dues revenue by 42%, and overall membership numbers by 31%. From 2007 to 2015, a devastating economic recession, a 300% increase in unemployment, and the arrival of ‘budget’ clubs, resulted in the majority of fitness clubs in Ireland going out of business. However, at West Wood Club, Leach continued to break sales records every year and grow membership, charging prices up to six times higher than our closest competitors.

In late 2016, West Wood Club purchased their competitor, the high-priced luxury brand Crunch Fitness. In just 16 months, while increasing prices, and introducing $600 joining fees, Leach increased new member sales by 67%, and we grew overall membership by 57%. As CEO, Leach personally presents all sales and marketing training for all staff and managers.

Leach has been recruited to presented to thousands of club managers and owners at conventions in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, China, Australia, Brazil, Florida, Mexico, North Carolina, Iceland, Ireland, UK, France, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Kuwait, Japan, China, and Russia.

Leach has been recruited as a speaker, trainer, and presenter at all major fitness industry conferences around the world, including:

– IHRSA USA (International Health, Racquet & Sports Association).

– IHRSA Europe

– CMAE (Golf Club Managers Association of Europe)

– Club Industry USA

– Chinese fitness industry (ChinaFit)

– Italian Fitness Industry

– Portuguese Fitness Industry

– Polish Fitness Industry

– Fitness industry Brazil

– Fitness Association Finland

– Russian Fitness Industry

– Japanese Fitness Industry

– Australian Fitness Industry Technology Summit

– Smurfit Business College -Master of Marketing.

– Irish Marketing Institute

– REX Community EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa)

– Irish Postal Service – ‘Increase sales through direct marketing’

Since 2014, Leach has been on the faculty as a guest lecturer on Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Sales Management at The IHRSA Institute – Keenan Flagler Business
School at The University of North Carolina, USA.